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Chili Dog Metal Sign John Mellencamp Inspired Metal Sign

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7.87x11.81 inches
Pure White with Pre-drilled Holes

⭐[Actual Size & Attention] Actual Size 200mmx300mmx1mm (8"x12")

⭐[THICK MATERIALS] 0.04"(1mm) #5052 18 Gauge aluminum sheet

This sign is printed using Dye Sublimation technique which produces super high definition imagery.

Our signs are made from treated heavy gauge aluminum, which means they're built to last. Sublimation creates a super tough image that is fused into the surface of the metal. You can install these signs anywhere indoors or outdoors. They will hold up in any weather, be it rain, snow, sleet, etc. We do recommend not placing them in direct sunlight to avoid fading over time. 

Signs are drilled top and bottom for easy installation.

Please note: These signs are not textured. Any rust, scratches or other markings are part of the images used to give the sign its aged appearance. The finish is smooth gloss.